Our application to the Westpac Community Leaders Awards

16 August 2014 Westpac recently put a call-out to ask for applications to their Community Leader Awards. We couldn’t resist putting in an application! We applied to the Westpac Community Leaders Awards because we believe that Westpac need all the help they can get to avoid new fossil fuel development, … Read More

Making your finances fossil free

4 June 2014 Are your personal finances helping to damage the climate? Chances are they are, without you even knowing it. Do you have a bank deposit? Are you a member of a super fund? Do you own shares? If so, your money is probably being used to finance the … Read More

Making your finances fossil free

On 29 May and 3 June 2014, Market Forces, in conjunction with 350.org and the Australia Institute, ran forums in Sydney and Melbourne to release a new report examining how individuals can make their personal finances fossil free. A summary of the report’s main findings can be found on the … Read More

Why Josh left Commbank: fossil fuels

Letter from Josh Wyndham-Kidd to Commonwealth Bank: I am writing to let you know why I decided to close my account with the Commonwealth. I have been with your bank since I opened my first Dollarmites savings account in early primary school. I remember the excitement of opening my first … Read More

How to avoid the carbon bubble

5 March 2014 Want to kick fossil fuel companies out of your investments but don’t know how? Worried that excluding fossil fuel companies might harm your financial health? Worry no more. Market Forces and 350.org commissioned The Australia Institute to study how people and institutions holding stocks can divest from … Read More

“Age of Entitlement” alive and well for fossil fuels

Originally posted in RenewEconomy on 3 March 2014 “Age of Entitlement” alive and well for fossil fuels As Australian industries queued up in early 2014 to announce their impending closure, adding tens of thousands to the ranks of the unemployed, Joe Hockey was steadfast. Forget about bailouts from government. “The … Read More

Want to win a sustainability award? Fund climate change.

24 January 2014 Last year it was ANZ being named “best in class” in the Dow Jones Sustainably Index’s banking sector. Then, overnight, Westpac claimed the title of the “world’s most sustainable firm” at the World Economic Forum in Davos. It’s hard to know where to look for answers to … Read More

Inside the Aurizon AGM

14 November 2013 Shareholders of quite varying and exotic strains descended on the Aurizon AGM on Wednesday. A colourful and vibrant protest outside suggested that things were going to be a little different from the usual fare of remuneration packages and directorship self congratulation. For many garden variety shareholders in … Read More