Keeping Euros out of dirty coal in Australia

5 May 2014 If we’re going to stop new dirty coal projects getting funded, we need to work both in Australia and internationally. Market Forces is in Europe where, over the next couple of weeks, several banks that are key to new coal export projects in Australia are having their … Read More

Coal industry going for super funds

24 March 2014 Well here’s a sign that the coal industry is in trouble. But its going to need a response. The Australian newspaper ran a story that documented the coal industry’s plans to lobby fund managers – including Australian superannuation funds – to stay invested in coal. BHP, Glencore … Read More

ANZ’s AGM to remember

18 December 2013 Fossil fuels were top of the agenda at ANZ’s annual general meeting today, to the point where Chairman John Morschel shut down shareholders trying to raise concerns over environmental, reputation and economic risks resulting from ANZ’s investments in the dirty coal and gas industries. The scene had … Read More

Inside the Aurizon AGM

14 November 2013 Shareholders of quite varying and exotic strains descended on the Aurizon AGM on Wednesday. A colourful and vibrant protest outside suggested that things were going to be a little different from the usual fare of remuneration packages and directorship self congratulation. For many garden variety shareholders in … Read More

Adani group fails to disclose significant material risk

Melbourne, 11 March 2013 Market Forces has today alerted the Securities and Information Exchange Board of India to a significant material risk to the Adani Group, which the company has failed to disclose to the market. Coal from Adani Group’s proposed $7.1 billion, 60 megatonne per annum Carmichael coal mine … Read More