Media Release: Australia’s biggest super fund rejects fossil fuels

Melbourne, Friday 15 April 2016 Market Forces is today welcoming the announcement by AustralianSuper – Australia’s largest super fund – to create a new sustainable investment option which excludes companies with fossil fuel reserves. However, the financial activist group is warning that despite the shift, the vast majority of the … Read More

Media Release: Peabody bankruptcy a cautionary tale for Australian investors

Melbourne, Wednesday 13 April 2016 Today’s long-expected bankruptcy announcement by Peabody should serve a cautionary tale to Australian investors still holding fossil fuel stocks, according to financial activist group Market Forces. “Australian investors who held Peabody stocks since 2011 would have been severely burned by the decline of the company,” … Read More

Downer ASX announcement misled investors

Downer ASX announcement misled investors 14 May 2015; Melbourne, Brisbane Market Forces, through their lawyers Environmental Justice Australia, have lodged a complaint with the Australian Stock Exchange alleging that an ASX announcement of Downer EDI Limited contained information about the Adani coal mine and port and rail projects that was … Read More