Medibank confirms shift out of fossil fuel investments

14 November 2018 Health insurer Medibank reaffirmed its commitment to dumping its coal, oil and gas company shares before the end of this financial year at its annual general meeting (AGM) today. After pledging to divest from fossil fuels at its 2017 AGM due to the terrible impacts of the … Read More

Medibank, NIB & HCF divestment job half-done

Update 27 September 2018: Medibank has confirmed that it will have completed its shift to low-carbon investments for their Australian share portfolio by 30 June 2019. NIB and HCF are still to set a date. The following was received from Medibank’s CFO yesterday: “…we were pleased to achieve our commitment … Read More

Adani unravels and major institutions dump coal. This was 2017.

In the nearly five years since Market Forces began, there has not been a more successful and fast-changing year as 2017. Let’s take a look at the year that is rapidly coming to an end. A big thank you to all our supporters who took part in our campaigns and … Read More

Medibank divestment driven by health impacts of climate change

13 November 2017 Australia’s biggest health insurer today announced it will divest from fossil fuels due to the negative health impacts of climate change. This is a huge win for the thousands of shareholders, customers and other members of the community who have contacted Medibank to point out the contradiction … Read More

Media Release: Climate change spurs Medibank fossil fuel divestment

Monday 13 November, 2017: Medibank’s announcement it will divest tens of millions of dollars from fossil fuels due to the ‘health effects of climate change’ has been welcomed by environmental finance group Market Forces. The decision came today in an ASX statement in advance of the health insurer’s Melbourne AGM, … Read More

Public Health Association calls on Medibank to divest

3 November , 2017 The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) has made a strong statement in favour of fossil fuel divestment, calling on health insurer Medibank to divest its shares in coal, oil and gas companies. The peak Australian public health body, which represents thousands of health professionals, has … Read More

Pressure forces Medibank to consider divestment

10 November 2016 Shareholders and health professionals flooded Medibank with question about their fossil fuel investments and preparedness for climate change at their annual general meeting (AGM) on Wednesday in Melbourne, prompting the Chairwoman to commit to considering divesting the company from coal, oil and gas. Medibank understands the importance … Read More