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Turn your money into a force for good!

The big banks are funding a huge problem. See who the biggest lenders are to coal, oil and gas and take action to cut off finance to dirty fossil fuels.

Most Australians’ super is invested in companies who are driving environmental destruction and climate chaos. Is your Super funding fossil fuels? Find out and take action to make your super fossil fuel free.

Each year, billions of dollars of public money is spent on fossil fuel subsidies. Find out how much our tax dollars are supporting the big polluters and take action to cut this wasteful spending.

Take action

Put your bank on notice

Tell your bank that if they keep funding dirty coal and gas projects, you’ll move your money elsewhere.

No to funding Galilee coal!

Tell ANZ, CommBank and Westpac to catch up with NAB and rule out funding for Galilee coal export projects!

Tell Treasurer Morrison: End polluter handouts!


Tell Treasurer Morrison: end polluter handouts!

Tell Treasurer Morrison: end polluter handouts


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