Calling all shareholders: Can you help this AGM season?

22 March 2016 The next couple of months ushers in one of the busiest periods on the corporate calendar, including the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of some important players in the fossil fuel industry. AGMs provide a great opportunity for shareholders to interact directly with companies. Along with a opportunity to … Read More

Traditional owners reject Adani’s Carmichael mine for a third time

21 March 2016 The Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council (W&J) – traditional owners of the proposed site of the Carmichael coal mine – on the weekend voted to reject a land use agreement with mine proponents Adani. This was the third time W&J traditional owners have refused the Indian energy giant’s proposal, with spokesperson Adrian … Read More

How Peabody Energy burned us all

The largest coal miner in the United States, Peabody Energy Corp, on Wednesday revealed in regulatory filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that there were doubts it could continue as a going concern. As such, it may voluntarily seek protection under Chapter 11 – in other words, bankruptcy. … Read More

A shocking reminder of the health impacts of coal

11 March 2016 It’s a shocking story that’s slowly emerging. Up to 1,000 current and former Queensland coal mine workers could be affected by pneumoconiosis, or black lung disease, and it’s possible that authorities and coal mining companies have tried to cover up the extent of this health disaster. Black lung … Read More

Another US bank getting out of coal, big four dragging the chain

8 March 2016 The US’s biggest bank, with assets totalling around US$2.4 trillion, JPMorgan Chase today announced a significant withdrawal from financing the coal industry. The bank’s updated Environmental and Social Policy Framework sets out their new policies, explaining that they will no longer finance any new coal mines around the world. JPMorgan … Read More

Biggest lenders to fossil fuels in 2015 revealed

There has been plenty of talk in the media recently about banks’ exposure to energy assets and the associated risks. Around the world, bank stocks have suffered as investors grow increasingly concerned about the ability of struggling energy companies – particularly coal, oil and gas producers – to repay their … Read More

Moreland Council asks Vision Super for their divestment plan

12 February 2016 On Wednesday night Moreland City Council in Melbourne voted unanimously to ask Vision Super, the local government employees fund, for their plan for managing climate risk. Vision Super manages around $7 billion, which includes investments in fossil fuel companies. The Council motion recommends that Vision Super put … Read More

Super funds lose $5.6 billion on dirty fossil fuels

9 February 2016 Having analysed the returns of fifteen of Australia’s largest superannuation fund options over the past two years, Market Forces estimate that those options have collectively lost over $5.6 billion on their fossil fuel investments over that time. Our new report Burned details this analysis, and highlights the urgent environmental and moral need … Read More

The polluting power of political donations

1 February 2016 Federal Treasury on Friday published the 2015 Tax Expenditure Statement (TES), which details the cost of all the various tax-based subsidies under current policy. It’s by no means a riveting read, and we wouldn’t recommend you trawl through it yourself. Instead, we’ve put in the hard yards … Read More