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20 May, 2022
Win! Deutsche Bank abandons Whitehaven Coal’s bond issue
19 May, 2022
14.5% of shareholders tell Woodside to start winding down production
19 May, 2022
Standard Chartered and Barclays fund Adani’s coal mining subsidiary
19 May, 2022
Adaro Energy: Betting on the failure of global efforts to stop climate change
12 May, 2022
Vanguard’s farcical engagement with coal miners Adani, Whitehaven and New Hope exposed
10 May, 2022
Whitehaven Coal found producing far more thermal coal than environmental assessment estima…
6 May, 2022
Investors give QBE a free pass despite hypocrisy on climate
5 May, 2022
Rio Tinto pushed for more ambition and accountability on scope 3 emissions reductions
3 May, 2022
Investor demands for Santos to wind down oil and gas production increase to 15%
12 April, 2022
How much is your super fund investing in climate-wrecking oil and gas companies Woodside a…
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